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Our Team of Volunteers

Build With Purpose is a growing, global community of changemakers who believe in giving back to drive social change. Meet the team that’s leading the charge.

Nazim Ahmed

Founder & CEO, & Creative Layer

Founder and CEO of & Creative Layer. Working at the intersection of personalization, technology and creativity. Always pushing towards "what can be", instead of accepting "what is".

Franco Varriano

Head of Growth, Creative Layer

strategic biz innovation & product. curiously deconstructing & connecting dots btw disciplines & ideas. bias for action. think better. build better.™

Shauna Moran

Founder & Managing Director, Operate Remote

Evoking Remote Transformations as a remote working consultant & coach @operateremote Partnerships previously @shopify @kooomocom

Mark Metry

Coach, Author, Speaker, Founder

A Forbes featured keynote TEDx speaker, host of a global top 100 podcast, bestselling author.

David Giannandrea

Senior Financial Controller, Creative Layer

Senior Financial Controller, Creative Layer

Amanda Enright

Employee Experience Specialist, CanvasPop

Enthusiastic about the power of strong company culture and the impact of first-class employee experiences. I value a holistic approach to well-being at work to ensure people feel welcomed, engaged, and productive.

Mike Montgomery

Head of Product at Creative Layer

I am a product and design leader with a passion for technology and creativity. I lead cross-functional teams to execute new ideas. With experience in design thinking, product, entrepreneurship, and education, I enjoy building thoughtful products while also writing and speaking about my passions. I also publish a weekly newsletter called Formative Mind where I share my thoughts on creativity, technology, product, and purpose.

Martin Cloake


An experienced executive and award winning technology entrepreneur with a background in Manufacturing, Data Science, IP and Operations Management. Martin holds multiple patents and is a Mechanical Engineering graduate from McGill university in Montreal, Quebec.


Build with purpose?

Help solve big problems

Companies joining BWP are committing to donate a percentage of their revenues to social enterprises, nonprofits, and community initiatives that are working to solve big problems like global warming, extreme poverty, homelessness, global access to education and many more.

Empower your people

BWP provides a framework to empower your employees in the selection process of which social cause to support. Watch employee engagement increase and give team members a deeper sense of purpose, further enhancing your company’s mission and vision.

Join a community that cares

BWP companies are the next generation of socially-conscious businesses who understand that giving back and providing employees a deeper sense of ‘why’ is key for the future of work.

The first giving back program designed for startups, scaleups and SMB’s to drive positive social change, increase employee engagement, improve company culture, and give your team a deeper sense of why.

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